Treatment Programs for Men

Recovery Plaques1835 House

1835 House is a treatment facility for men in the quiet residential community of Marda Loop, Calgary. We are well known in recovery circles for the success of our programs, and a culture of sobriety that has evolved over four decades.

1835 House is funded by:

Alberta Health Services Community Initiatives Programs

New to Recovery?

Rest assured. Thousands of men with drug or alcohol addictions have blazed the trail before you. Their success lines our walls in the form of more than 1,500 one-year sobriety plaques and more than 80 plaques that recognize 25 years and more of sobriety. 1835 House provides a healthy environment that is free from drugs and alcohol with 24/7 support from counsellors who have been where you are now. When you come to 1835 House, you are entering a community of support.

1835 Model of Recovery

Recovery Counsellor

At 1835 House the starting point in recovery is abstinence from addictive substances. Over the course of your treatment we will provide resources, mentorship, counselling, and support as you undertake a process of personal growth that will involve learning to live a healthier life.

Counsellors who are also in recovery are available to you every step of the way. Whether you participate in the Residential or Day Program, your days will be structured as you participate in a respectful and supportive group setting. You will learn new tools for coping with addiction through an intensive recovery-oriented curriculum. Working a 12-step program, attending meetings, and establishing a place within a community of recovering peers will be the foundation of your healing journey.

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Day Program

Duration: 3-6 weeks
Monday to Friday, 9am – 7:15 pm
The Day Program is designed for clients who prefer an out-patient treatment option. The primary objective of this program is to support me…

Residential Program


42 day minimum stay
 Most men stay one to six months
 Flexibility for progressing clients who would benefit from staying more than six months

Total immersion in the 1835 House culture …

Co-occurring Mental Health Disorders

All clients are clinically assessed by experts in formal clinical psycho-diagnostics. This assessment is to determine stability and suitability for the program and to assist in the process of infor…

Transitional Housing Program

The Transitional Housing Program is designed for men who have completed the Residential Program and prefer to live offsite, but with the support of roommates who have also graduated from 1835 House…