main.1“Restoring individual, family and community wellness”

 1835 House is a men’s alcohol and drug recovery centre located in a residential area of Calgary, Alberta. The House provides daily living and meeting space for thirty residents, in addition to day-program clients, counsellors, and staff. It is operated by Recovery Acres, a local non-profit organization dedicated to providing an effective substance abuse treatment program that minimizes disruption and cost to the individual, family, employer, and the community at large.In addition to 1835 House, Recovery Acres operates transitional housing at other Calgary locations for working clients in need of group-living support for longer periods to achieve full independence.

“Our sole purpose is to help the individual alcoholic/addict learn to live sober.All other aspects of his life – family, friends, and work – are dependent first and foremost on attaining and maintaining sobriety. Once a man has learned to live sober, improvements in his relationships, circumstances, and quality of life soon follow.”

- Gerry Melsted
Executive Director

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