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 “Restoring individual, family and community wellness” For over 40 years, Recovery Acres Society has provided a highly effective, residential treatment program, helping over 13,000 men overcome drug and alcohol abuse.  Our facility, called 1835 House, is located in a residential community in southwest Calgary.  In addition, we provide transitional housing at other Calgary locations.Alcoholism and drug addiction have no social boundaries.  Clients come from all walks of life and sectors of society.  Our recovery program benefits the community in real terms; saving families and careers, reducing pressures on social services, the welfare rolls, the homeless, as well as the judicial and medical systems.

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TV Show Helps Launch Recovery Acres Women’s Program
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Main: 403.245.1196
Email - Gerry Melsted
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Cell: 403-874-6441
Email - Rob Laird
Capital Fundraising Director
Cell: 403-804-7695
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